Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Nothing in life worth having comes easy. This is a common saying, but I have often wondered how it translates in day to day life. As a first generation college student, I can attest that nothing has come easy for me and I have sacrificed to earn the things that I really wanted in life. Sacrifice isn't always easy but it is necessary to achieve your dreams.

Sacrifices take many forms. Savings money when you really want to shop, working long hours to complete a project and even depriving yourself of fun when you need to focus on work. Sacrifice is rarely easy for anyone, but how willing are you to sacrifice for the things you want in life?

My birthday is the most important day of the year for me, next to Christmas. I can do whatever I want, eat what I want and spend what I want on my birthday. In my mind, my birthday is a national holiday (lol but seriously!). But when I decided that I was going to apply to a doctorate program and my original GRE score had expired, I committed myself to studying and taking the test by the application deadline. I was working full-time and studying when I got home. I wanted to get into grad school so bad that I gave up my birthday to study. I love my birthday, but I had a dream of becoming a professor and I was willing to sacrifice anything to achieve it. When I look back at the situation, I still can't believe I gave up my birthday but I understood that getting into grad school would not come without sacrifice.

Are you willing to sacrifice what you love for what you need? Are you prepared to adjust your mentality to prepare yourself to work towards your dreams? I didn't know I was ready to sacrifice until I needed to be. Think about your dreams and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve them. Remember, nothing worth having will come easy and it is when we challenge ourselves that we are able to achieve our wildest dreams.


Val Barnett

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