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How Humble are You?

Humility is commonly defined as having a modest view of one's own importance. Regardless of career or personal accomplishments, humility teaches us to always be respectful and gracious towards others. But what does humility teach us about how we treat ourselves?

Are you kind and gracious towards yourself? Are you willing to forget your pride and ego to take care for your mental health? Do you need to spend time humbling yourself so that you can finally muster up enough courage to seek the professional help you need?

Before I finally decided to pursue therapy, I needed to humble myself. I had so many fears about what if my friends found out I was in therapy or what if my colleagues found out. What humility taught me was that my own sense of importance wasn't greater than my need to take care of my mental health.

What conversation do you need to have with yourself today? Understand that you are worthy of the same humility you extend others. Your mental health is the most important aspect of your life. It is the foundation of everything else. I've learned that life must be governed by your best interests not the opinion of others. Although, others are a lot more accepting if given the chance.

What are your next steps to pursuing the best version of yourself? Ensure you make a plan to make sure your next steps are your most successful steps.

With love,

Val Barnett

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