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Is Happiness Real?

As a woman on the move, I have many goals. But my ultimate goal in life is to be happy. Throughout my life, I have constantly asked myself is happiness real? Through my journey, I have constantly sought to understand how to define happiness and how to achieve it.

In my search for happiness, I thought about what would make me feel happiness. I felt a promotion (bigger title), money or a successful relationship would make me happy. None of those things ever did. I thought changing jobs or going back to school would make me happy. While those things were great for me, neither of those things bought me happiness. It seemed to me that happiness was a mythical fantasy.

Although I have had many ups and downs, I have determined that happiness is real. It is as real as I made it. Happiness is not something that just comes to you as you sit on the couch, you literally have to create it for yourself. There and for after, I made it a point to design my schedule to incorporate happy experiences. Whether it was buying myself flowers or a special lunch, happiness was something I needed to create in life!

Further, I have found that for me, happiness is about having something to look forward to. I plan out my vacations every year, I even plan out drinks with my friends and small shopping trips! Happiness is real... it just needs to be created by you!

The next time you feel like happiness isn't real, plan something that will make you happy. Creating something to look forward to, which can change your sense of happiness, can help you to isolate time to invest in your own happiness.

With love,

Val Barnett

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