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The Cost of Money: Toxic Work Environments

Most people have to work in order to fund their basic needs. Whether it utilities, mortgage/rent or food, having a means to make money is very important for your basic survival. Typically, that means that you must get a job to earn a wage. But what happens when the job that is supposed to aid in your survival is a direct threat to your overall health?

Many people are working in toxic work environments. They provide necessary funds for living but are jeopardizing mental health. You can identify a toxic work environment by exploring if your workplace displays any of these characteristics. Dreading Monday mornings due to the need to go into the office? Are you counting down to the weekend just so that you can get a mental break? Are your relationships at work causing you stress, anxiety or self-doubt? Finally, is work the main cause of your stress and anxiety? If you answer yes to any of these, sis, you may be working in a toxic work environment.

Although difficult, finding a healthier work environment is a key aspect of self-love and may be key to improving your mental health. You are worthy of a work environment that is encouraging, nurturing and mentally healthy. The cost of making money should not be your mental health. Also, making money can not and should not be a direct threat to your health!

Sis, I believe in you and your skillsets. No matter what anyone tells you, you are talented, smart and worthy of a better place to work. Look for another job that better suits your needs and can provide the healthy structure you need. You can do it and you deserve it!

Do you have a friend working in a toxic work environment? Encourage them to get out! Now is a better time than ever to chase your dreams! Why not start that business you've always dreamed of creating? Start it today!

May love and peace be with you. Stay encouraged!

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