What's More Important Than You?

As we rapidly approach this holiday season, things are going to be very busy and stressful at times. Most families will not be sharing a big family meal with each other due to COVID19 and some families have been forever changed by the lose of a loved one during this pandemic. Regardless of the circumstances of your holiday celebration, I want to encourage you to fix your mind on how important you are to you.

This holiday season, we all need to give ourself credit for surviving 2020!! Merely living during this pandemic is a blessing and an accomplishment that we need to celebrate. It has been stressful, annoying at times and also isolating. But we did it!! We made it!! Keep that in mind as we approach this holiday season and enter into the new year.

Take the time to plan a holiday meal for yourself, if you will be staying at home for the holidays. A great meal can change your entire day and you are worthy of a fancy meal for one. Not celebrating Christmas with loved ones? Thats, fine! Do online shopping for yourself. Wrap your gifts and open them on Christmas morning! When I was a kid, my sibling and I would wake up around 6am on Christmas morning to open all of our gifts. I remember how happy that made me. If you are in need of some joy this holiday season, recreate your childhood experiences! It will boost your entire mood.

Remember, no one is more important than you! Pull out all the stops, go above and beyond and wrap your self-purchased gifts in your favorite holiday wrapping! Plan out special drinks and a luxury meal. You are more than enough to celebrate and you deserve a pat on the back for being a warrior this year! I will be doing all of the above plus more.

Enjoy yourself queen!


Val Barnett

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